Illuminate Your Love - Set the Mood with Handcrafted Lighting this Valentine's Day

Illuminate Your Love - Set the Mood with Handcrafted Lighting this Valentine's Day


It’s the season of Valentine’s Day, the time when the winter gives way to love, warmth and a bit of creativity. Lumi understands the importance of finding the perfect lighting solution that fits your imagination. Our team has curated a selection of lighting options designed to set the atmosphere and mood for a romantic and memorable experience. This February, we are your host as we present you with a plethora of handcrafted lighting options which are curated by our team. So, let Lumi be your partner this month and illuminate your story with our Hand-Crafted Lighting options.


Immerse in Warmth and Elegance:

With our Golden Glow Pendant Light, you can get a riveting focal point that oozes a sense of warmth and sophistication. Its golden finish and intricate design present a charming ambience for dinners and quiet evenings. Let this gorgeous pendant light become a symbol of spending quality time with loved ones.


Ignite the Spark with Table Lamp

Our Table Lamp is a romantic whimsical piece that is perfect for any room. The detail in the lamp will really have you dazzled. When illuminated, the light that emanates from the light passing through every weave creates an incredible design in the room that greatly comforts one. Place it on a side table or use it at a candle night dinner.


Embrace Nature's Serenity Floor Lamp:

Designed with a unique combination of banana rope and poplin material, this collection is truly in a class of its own. But what makes it truly exceptional is that the light fixture changes with any angle it is turned, providing a unique visual experience at any angle of view. Let the peaceful vibe of this floor lamp radiate in your space and be a source of tranquility and calm within your environment.


Enhance the Ambiance with Wall Mounted Lamps

For some dazzle and class, try our Wall Mounted Lamps Sconces. These charming ornaments are a perfect combination of modern design and a traditional look, thus providing an excellent background for your moods. 


Handcrafted Lamp Shades

Our handcrafted Lamp Shades will not only add a creative touch to your home but also serve as a captivating centerpiece. Each piece is meticulously crafted with a love for detail, bringing to life a unique lighting creation that is both beautiful and enthralling. Let’s illuminate your space with artistic charm and set the mood with our exquisite lamp shades.


Captivating Table Lamps

Take your table setting to the next level with our Handcrafted Table Lamps. Such lamps are functional pieces that highlight distinctive designs and skills. The table lamp is not only designed to be compact and functional but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space, adding an element of beauty and charm.


Nature-Inspired Handcrafted Lights:

Divert a portion of it to the surrounding natural landscape that is emanated by nature inspired handcrafted lights. These lights, designed in a way that replicates the beauty of nature,or other natural elements, create a magical ambience that signifies peace and tranquility found in the open. Let them be your centerpieces for space, and let these masterpieces become inspiration and source of joy for your special moments.


Mesmerizing Glow of Suspended Lights

Suspended Lights are an innovative and elegant lighting solution that effortlessly elevates any room. These hanging fixtures add a touch of sophistication and create a captivating focal point in your space. Enjoy the enchanting glow and stylish design of our suspended lights, as they bring a sense of modernity and grace to your surroundings.



For this Valentine’s day let Lumi be the light of your love story with just our hand-picked lighting options. Enchant Your Environment with Handcrafted Lighting makes your romantic moments feel truly unforgettable. Fill with your warmth, love, and creativity the celebrations and have your unique love story to our lighting backdrop. Celebrate this month of love with Lumi and have love prevail.




Q: What is special about the Nature’s Serenity floor lamp?

This floor lamp of the Nature’s Serenity collection is woven out of both banana rope and poplin fabric, which creates an interesting effect because every angle brings about a change. It brings peace and stillness in your environment, transforming it into a serene place to help you unwind and embrace peace.


Q: What makes Lamp Shades unique?

With the handcrafted Lamp shades, the environment of your home becomes a creative one and becomes attractive as a focal point. Every piece is painstakingly designed to the hilt of perfection, creating novel lighting masterpieces that are impressive and captivating.


Q: What does the Suspended Light provide to a room?

Suspended Lights represent a revolutionary lighting feature that easily creates a mood-lifting effect in any room. The hanging lights give your setting an elegant look and bring out an attractive feature that gives a modern touch while offering a classy mood.


Q: What is unique about the Golden Glow Pendant Light?

The golden glow pendant light is unique as it is finished in gold and is very finely detailed, which makes it perfect for brightening dinners and evenings of solitude.
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